Touring an artist's studio

I recently attended a sale of historic Indian drawings from the private collection of British artist Alexander Gorlizki after seeing a post on instagram about it. He had been collecting detailed drawings from India for decades and was trying to thin out the immense collection. I didn't know what to expect and surprisingly was unfamiliar with the artist, despite his representation by a major gallery. The Dumbo studio was filled with all sorts of interesting and inspirational objects and he was a very interesting man to talk to. The space was truly mesmerizing. Below is a shot of some of the oddities he has tacked to the wall and at right is a new series of work that he's developing that I am absolutely in love with. Such striking colors, bold shapes and the interplay between the contemporary look and the original, vintage paper/artwork that he's actually using as his canvas is really stunning. I can't wait to see the full body of work unveiled. For more of his work, check out: