Anthony Pearson at Marianne Boesky Gallery

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the work of artist Anthony Pearson at Marianne Boesky. Many of his works are carved plaster with coloring added to make them look like charcoal. These were less appealing to me, but the works composed of pure plaster (hydrocal) in a simple walnut frame are absolutely stunning. Attached is an example. There's a natural, almost accidental formation, which is of course not accidental at all, but creates depth and the play of light and shadow that make these pieces a contrast of delicate and heavy, free yet contained and overall very sensual. This piece is titled: Untitled (Plaster Positive), 2015, Hydrocal in walnut frame, 48 3/4 x 37 x 3 1/4 inches123.8 x 94 x 8.3 cm