I recently went into the lobby of 90 Broad Street in the Financial District of Manhattan because the entry was so beautifully designed I couldn't help myself. The guard was very kind to explain some of the history of the building and what transpired there when Hurricane Sandy hit. 

The building was designed by the firm of Cross & Cross (a father and son) and was completed in 1931 as the Stone and Webster Building. It is currently known as just 90 Broad Street. The architects were perhaps most known for their design of the the incredible General Electric Building on Lexington, completed the same year and the Tiffany store on 57th and 5th Avenue. The lobby exhibits a cross-section of art deco and classic designs in a somewhat restrained aesthetic for the day. Below are some details of the mosaic floor, beautiful elevator doors, a panel of the mail chute and the coffered ceiling, which was not damaged by the hurricane.