Zhang Huan at Pace

One of the most interesting exhibits I've seen in a while is that of Chinese artist Zhang Huan, which is on view at Pace Gallery in Chelsea through December 5, 2015. The exhibit is composed of two uniquely different sections. There is a haunting, absolutely vast painting of soldiers titled June 15, 1964. It includes over 10,000 of them and measures 122 feet long. This is installed in the main gallery space. The side two rooms are filled with his subtle and intriguing new works called "Ash Paintings" that are paintings in a semi-traditional sense, but incorporate a three-dimensional representation of braille. To not-braille readers they just appear to be beautiful textures, but they also say something. They also include ash as the pigment and are a range of soft gray tones. They're simply beautiful. Below is a detail of one. I highly recommend seeing this exhibit.